There are many phenomena in this world, for which we (still) do not have any explanation. One wonders, for example, why our palate can clearly recognize whether a wine has grown on lime or on slate, even though there is no analytical evidence of terroir in wine. Often the answer to the big questions of the cosmos lies in the smallest of particles – in atoms and their electrons and ions. Perhaps a vine growing on lime develops different structures than a vine growing on slate?

With the help of a transmission electron microscope (TEM), researchers come closer to the processes in solids and can draw conclusions from them. The TU Wien Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign to raise the necessary EUR 7.5 million to purchase two electron microscopes. You can support these initiatives with contributions… but also with wine.


Rarities – from half bottles to double magnums or even higher quantities – produced by well-known winemakers from home and abroad can be donated.

Preferably, these are white and red wines, champagnes and spirits from the most beautiful wine regions, primarily from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, USA, South Africa and Australia with a market value between EUR 35. – and EUR 350. –

The rarities brought in are evaluated and priced in by volunteer wine experts.


In cooperation and with pro bono support of the auction house Dorotheum, the online auction for scientific excellence will take place from 10 to 21 June 2022.

For connoisseurs, this is a suitable opportunity to bid online for wines that are rarely commercially available and to support young scientists.

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wine the discussion.

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