With your support, we promote TU Wien’s up-and-coming scientists in solving the major global challenges of our time.

Interdisciplinary teams are dedicated to future-oriented (research) initiatives embedded in the strategic orientation of TU Wien. The research questions are dealt with in a system-oriented and holistic manner, taking social, economic, ecological, technical-functional, economic and social aspects into account.

Focus areas

Symbol für Digitalisierung: In einem Kreis gezeichnete Weltkugel mit Vernetzungslinien und Vernetzungspunkten
The world is converging – last but not least, due to virtual networking. Researchers are developing technologies to significantly improve our social, economic and private lives. Much of what we take for granted today was decisively co-developed by TU Wien. In the future, we will continue to support your professional and private everyday life with our digital research results.
Symbol für Klimawandel: In einem Kreis gezeichnete Sonne
More than 100 research groups from all eight faculties of TU Wien deal with one of the greatest challenges of our time, climate change. Only optimal interdisciplinary networking creates the conditions for the development of innovative ideas and solutions. These use economics, science and administration for effective decision-making. And that helps us all.
Symbol für Ressourcen: In einem Kreis gezeichnete Pflanze
Our researchers at TU Wien are working in a wide variety of disciplines to develop solutions of tomorrow today: In order to make our future and the future of upcoming generations worth living, resources must be used responsibly; new ways of storage and distribution must be opened up, and a central question must be asked: How do we want to shape the course of our lives and the society of tomorrow?
Symbol für Gesundheit: In einem Kreis gezeichnete Pille
The digital transformation pervades our living environments as individuals and as a society. This also applies to the field of health. With medical research and medical technology, the researchers of TU Wien regularly provide important insights that mean a considerable improvement in diagnostic and treatment options or, for example, occupational safety.
Symbol für Industrie: In einem Kreis gezeichnete Fabrik
How should the working world of production and logistics be like and need to be like? Which processes will run automatically? And, what role will man play in these work processes? The scientists at TU Wien deal with these and many other questions. Technology paired with innovative spirit and creativity bring them to the right answers and develop innovative solutions for new working environments.

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