Scientists search for objective explanations, artists question the world from a subjective point of view. Curiosity and a permanent questioning unite the exact discipline of natural science and art, which is considered free. And yet the two disciplines are converging again, because they can inspire each other to innovative ideas, especially in times of great social challenges and transformations.

Successful online auction

In collaboration and with the support of the Dorotheum auction house, an online art auction was organized from October 4-13, 2022. A total of nearly 100,000 euros was auctioned off to benefit the next generation of scientists.

Our special thanks to the artists and galleries

Beni Altmüller, Andrea Bischof, Erwin Bohatsch, Mario Dalpra, Heinrich Dunst, Adrienne Egger, Lionel Favre, Nachlass Gunter Damisch, Jakob Gasteiger, Michela Ghisetti, Alfred Haberpointner, Herbert Hinteregger, Roland Kollnitz, Zenita Komad, Suse Krawagna, Christoph Palaschke, Karin Pliem, Peter Pongratz, Andreas Reimann, Roland Reiter, Hubert Scheibl, Martin Schnur, Helmut Swoboda, Barbara Szüts

Galerie bei der Albertina Zetter, Galerie Hubert Winter, Galerie Kovacek & Zetter, Galerie Sylvia Kovacek


The secret of art lies in the fact
that one does not seek,
but finds.

Pablo Picasso